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About Eva Luna Couture

For over 20 years Irene Schaepman has made unique creations for women. She’s a linchpin in international couture. Her collection consists of both classic and modern pieces, often with refined details and a surprising edge. These are sophisticated combinations of form, fabric, texture and colour.

Her source of inspiration is women and the female body. Schaepman sees their inner beauty, showcases it and translates it into a garment. Like every body each garment has a unique form and colour. Details are never just details at Eva Luna Couture: the true beauty is hidden within them.

Many pieces came about through this dedication at Eva Luna Couture. They like to work with a team of experienced dressmakers and young trainees.

You’re welcome to come and visit her workshop for an introductory meeting.


Irene Schaepman

Irene Schaepman was born on an island in the Mediterranean. In her formative years she was surrounded by colours and patterns – the vibrant blue sky, the red earth and the cerulean blue sea. She would lose herself in the glimmering sea and all the details surrounding her and have plenty of scope and peace to admire and study things.

With an author for a father and an artist for a mother creativity is obviously in her blood. Her fascination for the beauty of people and objects has stayed with her ever since. After finishing secondary school she knew she wanted to choose this line of work.

She enrolled in the Fashion Academy Charles Montaigne, followed by the École de Couture. No wonder that her talent was and is described as ‘seeing beauty’. It’s here where her love for couture began.

After her studies she started working for various fashion houses at home and abroad to gain working experience. Nowadays she runs her own couture company, Eva Luna Couture, and has done so for over 20 years. Here she puts her talents and expertise to use in creating fashion varying from bridal gowns to bespoke suits.

Anna van Gelder
Getrouwd in augustus 2017

Irene heeft honderd procent aandacht voor wie je bent, wat je graag wilt uitstralen en wat je smaak is.

Aan de hand van pasmodellen bedacht ze een unieke jurk, speciaal voor mij. Ik liep op de dag waarvoor hij was gemaakt erin te stralen van oor tot oor!

Ilse de Graaf
Getrouwd in juni 2018

Ik voelde me een echte bruid in de prachtige, unieke jurk,

gemaakt door Irene en haar collega.