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Bridal Couture

Eva Luna Couture designs and creates bridal clothing for every woman. Knowledge of all kinds of fashion influences through time and from all corners of the globe results in a design that’s both contemporary and timeless but first and foremost fits the person it’s made for.

Eva Luna Couture will take pride in making a gorgeous, unique evening dress, cut on the body.


Creations that enrich your garment, like collars, shawls and cuffs. Collection pieces by Eva Luna Couture can be adorned with accessories to make a basic Eva Luna Couture garment into something to wear to any occasion.

Formal Dress

Little black dress

Eva Luna Couture has developed a basic black dress that is executed in various sizes. A gorgeous lace collar can be added if so desired. We have several models in stock.

(Women’s) Suit

It’s possible to have a couture (women’s) suit made, or a semi-couture (women’s) suit. The first is made to fit your body perfectly, the second is a cross between ready-made and couture.


Eva Luna Couture has developed great blouses that can be made to measure, but several ready-to-wear blouses are readily available.