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For over 20 years Eva Luna Couture has made unique creations for women. She’s a linchpin in international couture. The collection consists of both classic and modern pieces, often with refined details and a surprising edge. These are sophisticated combinations of form, fabric, texture and colour.

The source of inspiration for Eva Luna Couture is women and the female body. Eva Luna Couture sees their inner beauty, showcases it and translates it into a garment. Like every body each garment has a unique form and colour. Details are never just details at Eva Luna Couture: the true beauty is hidden within them.

Beauty & Refinement

by Eva Luna Couture

Eva Luna Couture has a broad assortment of garments that can be designed and created for various occasions. Eva Luna Couture also has a nice collection of gowns and blouses.

Of course every garment is made from high quality fabric, from Mikado silk to Calais lace.